Welcome to EnVaDoR's Case pictures website. This is where I post pictures of strange, unusual and weird computer cases I've made ... and whatever else I feel like putting online :)

I launched an actual product. The GoGoStand folding iPhone (all generations) stand that fits in your wallet. Check it out at www.GoGoStand.com

10/13/2010 - ArcadeDock!
New Mod! The ArcadeDock for Lenovo. And yes, LovePC still ain't gettin' no love. It's been moved from one storage unit to another. Someday...

1/29/2007 - LCD Touchframe!
Ok, so LovePC is still sitting in the corner, looking for love in all the wrong places.  In the meantime, check out the LCD Touchframe I made from used parts off Craigslist! :)

email me if you like my work.

4/20/2006 - "What happens to old Mods?"
What happens to a mod after its 15 minutes of fame? It gets gutted and the parts get re-used for other mods.  If it's lucky, the latest mod could become my daily-use computer for a few months.  This was the case for LovePC -- it was my main desktop computer for most of 2003.  Many mods came and went, but LovePC dutifully performed its tasks.  Eventually I got a laptop and LovePC's coin slots began collecting dust, the tissue ran out, case lights dimmed, and the LCD completely stopped working.  My cat even took a leak on the video card when I once left the case open to connect an extra hard drive. (Jealous cat?)

4 housing moves later, LovePC has been sitting in my closet(s) for nearly 3 years... Since sponsor support for my next mod has been pretty slow, it's time to take matters into my own hands.  Over the next few days/weeks, I'll restore LovePC to its former glory with an updated CPU and motherboard, replacing lights, the PSU, and getting the LCD functioning again. Once done, I'm going to try my luck on eBay and see how much I get get for this thing. It's had its share in the limelight, so maybe some kind soul could ante up a bit of cash to help fund my hobby!  Check back for updates!


3/26/2006 - ASP AJAX LinkTracker

I've released an ASP AJAX Link Tracker that keeps a list of link clicks. This is different than a hit counter or a visitor log because the Link Tracker is a utility you add for each of your web pages. A special hotkey (Ctrl-X) triggers the Link Tracker and overlays all links on the page with a hit counter. This is especially useful for analyzing what links are popuplar to your visitors.
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5/11/2005 - OWANotify.exe - OWA New Mail Notification
I've been working on a VB.NET application these past few weekends. If you use Outlook Web Access to check email, you'll know that the new mail notification is a little lacking. This program is basically an Outlook mail icon that sits in your system tray to monitor your Outlook Web Access account. It notifies you with msn-style popups when you have new mail.
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8/16/2004 - New Site Layout
Hey everyone!  I had my friend help me design a new layout for my site.  Shout outs to OutCaster for the awesome design!

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From:   Akiba2Go (Japanese Website)
For:      ToiletPC
Date:    Fall 2001
Description: Mr. Kenji Koita wrote this article
about my ToiletPC and also about my PVC Jr. We have been in contact ever since he wrote an article about my PVC II computer in his October 2000 issue of the Japanese tech magazine "ASCII"

From:   HardOCP.com
For:      ToiletPC
Date:    Fall 2001
Description: At Kyle's HardOCP.com site you can
find information about computer hardware, overclocking and the latest computer news. Getting linked on HardOCP is definitely an honor.

From:   Babbages CPL Event
For:      BBQ PC
Date:    Winter 2000
Description: At the Babbages CPL Event, there
was a Consummate Computer Competition (C3) hosted by HardOCP. I brought BBQPC to the event and won 2nd place in the Showpiece category.

From:   HardOCP.com
For:      Toilet PC
Date:    Fall 2001
Description: At Kyle's HardOCP.com site you can
find information about computer hardware, overclocking and the latest computer news. Getting linked on HardOCP is definitely an honor.

From:   QuakeCon 2000
For:      PVC II
Date:    Summer 2000
Description: This was the first major LAN event I
attended. I thought it would be fun to bring something interesting to the event. PlanetQuake decided to have a case competition and PVC II was awarded Grand Prize.

Name:   Neo35 Hard Drive Based Car MP3 Player
Date:    Spring 2001
Description: How does 40Gigabytes of MP3's
in your car dashboard sound? That's right. No MP3 cd's to burn, no MP3 computers to lug around in your trunk. This car MP3 player fits right in your dash and uses a standard 3.5" IDE hard drive to store...

From:   EnVaDoR's Attack Kitty
Date:    Spring 2001
Description: Don't even think about stealing my
laptop. I've got this ferocious attack kitty guarding it. Shh! Don't wake her!
Name: ArcadeDock
Time Spent: 10 Days
Constructed: Fall 2010
Description: So, one day, this has-been
modder (me) gets an email from Lenovo wondering if I'd be interested in doing a mod for them on a new site they're building. The theme is, "What's your idea of fun?" After a thinking back to my childhood, I can definitely answer, "ARCADES!"

Name: LCD Touchframe
Time Spent: 1 Week
Constructed: Spring 2007
Description: This isn't an entire case mod but
is more of an LCD mod.  I purchased a used all-in-one touchscreen PC from a cool dude off craigslist for way cheaper than his listing price.  I was mainly interested in re-purposing the touchscreen to integrate into our home furniture...

Name: DialupPC
Time Spent: 1 Week
Constructed: Winter 2004 (busy didn't take pics)
Description: I created this computer for an
event in Dallas.  I never got around to taking pictures of the computer and posting them online.  Finally, Spring of 2006, I've uploaded the page. Enjoy!

Name: DashboardPC
Time Spent: 2 Weeks
Constructed: Winter 2003
Description: This computer was made for a
special issue of CPU Magazine called 'PC Modder' published Spring 2004. I had seen PC Tachometers for sale on case modding websites and thought it would be cool to take the idea a few steps further...

Name: GuitarPC
Time Spent: 4 Days
Constructed: Summer 2003
Description: At Intel's request, I created a
mod with a music theme to it. The GuitarPC features a windowed cdrom mod with stealth door, built-in speakers, and blue accent lighting. Computer power button and cdrom eject button are both remote controlled with a keychain remote.

Name: GingerbreadPC
Time Spent: 4 Days
Constructed: Winter 2002
Description: Ring in the holidays with a
holiday mod! Hehe. I had tons of fun making this Gingerbread House PC. The computer is 100% non-perishable. I took an arts-and-crafty approach for this creation.

Name: MysteryBox
Time Spent: 3 Days
Constructed: Fall 2002
Description: I made this case to show at the Fall
2002 Intel Developer Forum. I used the same idea from InvisiblePC but with an aluminum case. I've been wanting to use the InvisiblePC idea in an aluminum case for a while. I'm glad I've gotten a chance to do that...

Name: LovePC
Time Spent: 3 Days
Constructed: Summer 2002
Description: I made this case with a built-in
Lotion and Tissue dispenser on the top. It's also coin-operated so you have to insert $0.25 to turn on the PC! Don't act like you don't know what the Lotion and Tissue dispenser are for! HAHAHA :) Heart-shaped windows and faux leopard fur...

Name: Cyberpumkin
Time Spent: 2 Weeks
Constructed: Summer 2002
Description: Intel asked me to make a case for
them to show off their Pentium 4 processors (the center of your digital world! (tm)). This is the case I made for them. At the events, people started referring to the case as the Cyberpumpkin... so the name stuck :)

Name: InvisiblePC
Time Spent: 3 Days
Constructed: Winter 2001
Description: Since all the case modders out there
have been cutting plexiglass windows in the sides of their cases to show off the insides of their computers, I wanted to be different and have my plexiglass window show something else. Using a mirror positioned at an angle in the case, I made...

Name: ToiletPC
Time Spent: 2 Days
Constructed: Summer 2001
Description: In my new quest to find odd objects
to turn into computers, I was at the grocery store one day when I thought of this idea. At the grocery store there was a child's training toilette sitting in a shopping cart. I looked at it and exclaimed excitedly, "Hey! Look at this!" ...

Time Spent: 1 Week
Constructed: Winter 2000
Description: Becoming tired of the PVC series,
I started wondering what stuff I could fit computers in. My first victim: a Barbeque Grill!! This won 2nd place at the babbages CPL. Dig the flame paint job :)

Name: PVC Jr. PC
Time Spent: 1 Week
Constructed: Fall 2000
Description: PVC Jr. was my answer to
complaints about PVCII being too big. Going along with my PVC pipe fetish (no allusions to hampsters please:) I decided to make a mini-me PVC - PVC Jr.!!! After returning home from QuakeCon 2000 there was another Quake gathering just a few...

Time Spent: 2 Weeks
Constructed: Summer 2000
Description: QuakeCon 2000 was just around the
corner. I had never been to a such a huge Lan Party before. I wanted to show up with something special. Hearing people around me talking about cutting holes in the sides of their cases and bragging about geting this much and that much CFM...

Name: PVC PC
Time Spent: 1 Week
Constructed: Summer 1998
Description: My first effort at making an
interesting computer case. I made it out of PVC pipes because it was cheap way to make a nice sturdy frame. Earlier that year I had used a Black & Decker rotary tool to cut a hole in the side of an AOpen case for better ventilation for my...



My contribution back to the community

The Internet has been a great place for me to learn about computers and meet great friends.  Here's my chance to give back a little.  In my spare time (what little I have) I've been working on an online bill splitting calculator.  I envision this as a simple tool that roommates, co-workers and friends can use whenever the need arises.  All you do is enter the list of bills/expenses and list the people and hit the calculate button.  The bill split calculator then spits out a list of payment instructions. Easy as 1-2-3.  I plan to expand the bill split calculator to handle logins and groups of users (like roommates).


I guess you've noticed that my cases all have a "Time Spent" note on each of them. I've been getting questions about this so I thought I'd clarify on this and even add my 2 cents to the discussion.

The "Time Spent" is the time I actually spend working on the case... building it with tools and other devices of mass destruction. This time doesn't include the time I spend thinking about it in my spare time -- like when I'm sitting on a plane, daydreaming or when I'm eating breakfast. Times like that don't count toward the overall "Time Spent" calculation.

On those time measurements, 1 week does not mean 1 entire sleepless week of working either. Normally each day it would be 2 to 3 hours of work, or maybe a 5 or 6 hour stretch on the last night.

So, to answer the question many of you are probably dying to ask, "No, I do not have way too much time on my hands."

Everyone has a hobby - stamp collecting, baseball cards, music, etc... And for any hobby, people will find the spare time to spend, be it skipping this week's Simpson's episode or just having the time on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

By day, I am a
database and computer network consultant.   It shouldn't seem odd that my hobby is computer-related. In fact, my clients find it to their benefit to have someone that has a genuine personal interest in computers and a good working knowledge of the hardware.

In its own way, computer case design of this sort ( some might call it case modding, but in this situation, I'm not "moddifying" a case in the litteral sense; I'm creating cases from scratch) could be an expression of art. Whatever you want to call it, I call it my hobby.