Winter 2000


Unfortunately, these are the only two pictures I have of my BBQ PC :(
Somehow I lost the in-the-making step-by-step pictures. I also lost the detailed close-up pictures.
This computer was at the Babbages CPL Quake Tournament in December 2000. If anyone happened to take pictures of my case, could you please email them to me at [email protected] ? Thanks so much!

You might ask, "Why don't you just take new pictures of your BBQ PC and post those?" Well, I
can't do that because BBQ PC no longer has a motherboard, cdrom, floppy, hard drive, power
supply, processor, ram or fan. That's right. I had to sell BBQPC's parts so I could get money
to buy other stuff for other cases :( BBQPC is just an empty shell sitting in my closet now. If anyone
would like to DONATE parts to rebuild BBQPC (Gigabyte GA-Z7M, duron proc, ram, hdd,
floppy drive, hdd, power supply) please do :) And I'll take all the pictures you want! hehehe


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