Guitar PC
Summer 2003

How about a mod with a music theme?

GuitarPC Features

  • Windowed cdrom mod with stealth door
  • Built-in Creative I-Trigue 3300 speakers from Fry's for $149
  • Blue cold-cathode accent lighting - sound activated (to music from speakers) or steady on.
  • Remote control operation for power and cdrom eject with key chain remote.

    Click here to see a video of the remote control cdrom drive

In-the-making pics
Before and After



The guitar before modding

Drawing up layout with templates

CDROM Ready for Stealthing: (it was actually a dvd/cdrw combo drive)

Guitar ready for cutting

Installing the Creative I-Trigue 3300 Speakers

Spring-loaded stealth cdrom door

Some pics of the guitar with holes cut out