Dashboard PC

In the never-ending quest for attention, it was time for another mod. I had seen a few people use tachometers in their mods before, but mainly as an accessory, and never as the "main attraction" of their projects. Driving around town one night, something caught my attention as I was driving past (or rather, I was being passed by) some car with an after market body kit and exhaust. No, it wasn't the loud exhaust or primer colored fiberglass. What caught my attention was the cool blue glow of custom gauges from this person's car. Hey, those attract attention! Who wouldn't be mesmerized by ice blue electroluminescent glowy gauges?
  • Yes, the gauges work: they display RAM, CPU and Hard Drive usage
  • Yes, there is a CDRW: It's stealthed and uses a remote control keychain for ejecting CDRW and powering on computer
  • The gauges were taken from a Honda Civic Si... assembly bought from junkyard for $50
  • Gauges have the indiglo overlay lightkit installed
  • Keyboard is a store-bought lighted keyboard: $60

    Click to see a 360 video of DashboardPC


The Techometers

The Computer Case

The Monitor Stand

Each part is modular