EnVaDoR's ToiletPC


Hi! Here's a computer I built August 2, 2001 for QuakeCon2001. Too bad I didn't get place in the case competition. They only had one category and my case doesn't exactly fit. I was hoping they'd have a weird case category :)

So here it is - ToiletPC !!! Before everyone emails me about it, I'll spout off the wisecracks first :) "Yeah this sure is a shitty computer" ... "Man that computer is full of crap." ... "Is that really your dump site?" (yes it is:) ... "Get a load of that shit!" ... are we done yet? :)

I think that's about all I have to say. Just look at the pictures dammit :)

Main picture - lid open
Lid closed - like my biohazard paint job? I downloaded a biohazard logo and traced it onto a piece of cardboard and cut it out with an xacto knife to make a stencil.
Front View - lid open.... In case you're wondering, This is a child's training toilet from Wal-Mart ... I got it for $9.00
Font View - lid closed
Right Side View
Right Rear Corner View ... the Flusher is the POWER SWITCH ... pretty funny eh? :) :)
Rear Corner View
Rear View - you you can see the floppy, hdd and cdrom in this picture.
Left Rear Corner View
Front Left Corner View
View from the Top
Toilet Seat Removed
Toilet Seat Removed Close-up
Picture of the motherboard. It's an ASUS CUSI-FX FlexATX motherboard. Isn't it small? Has built-in video, nic, sound and even two pci slots! I put a PCI ATI Radeon VE in it. I wish I would have gotten the PCI GeForce MX instead. The Radeon is slow :(
I needed to mount the motherboard into the toilet, but didn't want to risk shorting out anything on the board. so I cut a piece of cardboard out the size of the motherboard to act as the motherboard backplate.
Then I covered the cardboard with an anti-static bag. This would be my scientific approach to making a good mount for my motherboard. HEY! chill out man, this isn't an exact science we're dealing with hehe
Here's a picture of the motherboard with my professional-grade motherboard backing. It's kept on with the little plastic spacers. Pretty resourceful eh?
Bottom view of the finished Motherboard backing attached to the motherboard.
A picture of the toilet parts after painting with spray paint. All I did was spray it and let the paint run down the sides. Pretty cool effect eh? I used brown, orange and yellow.

A picture of ToiletPC at QuakeCon 2001

A picture of ToiletPC at QuakeCon 2001 taken in the dark. I used a long green LED light to make the toilet glow green in the dark... nothing like some good green radioactive biohazard toilet stuff to top it off :)


System specs
Case (if you can call it that) $9.00 Child's Training Toilette from Wal-Mart
Power Supply 145Watt MicroATX power supply
Motherboard ASUS CUSI-FX (Flex atx motherboard)
Processor Intel PIII - 933MHz (I would have used an AMD chip if i could have found a Flex ATX board in time)
RAM 256MB Generic PC133
HDD 45GB Western Digital
Video PCI ATI Radeon VE (I should have used a PCI GeForce MX - it's faster.)
Sound Onboard
Network Onboard
Power Switch

Toilet Flusher from Home Depot (my favorite computer mod store) $3.99


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