EnVaDoR's LovePC - Summer 2002
Greetings everyone!!  Sooner or later I'll have a new layout for my homepage, but until then, just look at the damn pictures ok? :P  Sorry, no slideshow and no back buttons on the page. Deal with it :P

I made LovePC for the Xabre Consumate Computer Competition (C3) Summer 2002.  It was a side-event at the Summer 2002 CPL in Dallas.  For this case, I got 5th place.  Many thanks to Xabre, Intel and www.so-trickcomputers.com for sponsoring this event.  I came back with $500 cash and a Xabre AG400 Video Card both from Xabre. Intel supplied a nice motherboard, and so-trick supplied a $100 gift certificate. Not bad  eh? :)  A big thanks to all the people who are bringing modding into the spotlight!

Some features of the case:


LooooovePC!!!  Here you can see the Lotion and Tissue dispensers, the $0.25 coin slots, and the heart-shaped cutout.
A view of LovePC from the left front.
A view of LovePC from the left.
A View of LovePC from the Left Rear...
Notice the yellow RCA video cable connected to the rear and into the PC... that's the secondary display.
The video card is the Xabre AG400 I won at the Summer 2002 Xabre Consumate Computer Contest (C3).  Check out all the connectors on that baby... multiple display support on just ONE card!! It's pretty fast too... good FPS in Quake3
A view of LovePC from the right rear. You can see my secondary display.  It basically extends your windows desktop so you can view your applications (like viewing p0rn!) on the "private" screen :)
A view of LovePC from the right side of the computer.  I have a pic of Eliza Dushku showing in the secondary display for "testing purposes"
A view of LovePC from the right front of the computer
A view of LovePC from the left front looking down.
A view of LovePC from the left side of the computer.  Like the heart-shaped window? :) Very.... romantic yeah.
A view of LovePC from the left side of the computer with the side panel off.  I lined the inside with faux leopard fur ... for that classy look! Very romantic baby!!  Heat is not a problem since I run a P4 2.4GHz in there.  The hard drive is mounted on the floor of the case and is covered in leopard print.  It has a fan attached to the bottom of it to keep it cool so the fur doesn't overheat it.
A view of LovePC from the front looking down.
A close-up of the tissue and lotion dispenser.  I got the lotion dispenser from the Home Depot for $9.99.  The tissues from walgreens for $1.50 (but you already know that I bet) :P
A close-up of the coin-slots.  To turn on the computer, you have to put in a quarter in the slot on the left :)  I also rigged it so that if you press both the reset and the power buttons together, the PC will also turn on. (In case you used all your change at the real nudie booth down the street)
A clearer close-up of the coin slots.  The slot on the right is the PC Power LED.  The slot on the left is the hard drive activity LED. To get a pic of the hard drive light on, I ran a defrag while taking pics :)
A close-up of the coin slots when there is no hard drive activity... the slot on the left is unlighted.
A close-up of the unlighted hdd activity coin slot.
A close-up of the lighted PC Power LED coin slot
A close-up of the Xabre AG400 video card.  It has multiple outputs and supports multiple display on-board!  I get good fps in Quake3 with this card too.
A close-up of the other end of the yellow RCA video cable. It plugs into a GameVue for the PSOne for my secondary display.  Only $50 at Fry's!
A close-up of the backside of the coin slots.  It uses a spring-loaded momentary switch. Quarters are collected in the 3.5" bay. I normally have a door there to keep coins in the bay, but I took it out for this picture so you can see better.
A close-up of the Lotion reservoir and tissue box.  You refill the lotion from the top by removing the pump.  You replace the tissue box by taking out the 5.25" bay covers.
A shot of LovePC in the dark.  Purple neon is so romantic doncha think? :)
A close-up of LovePC in the dark.  Notice my power cables have purple neon rope wound around them?  That's the power of loooooooove! :)
Another shot of the tissue and lotion dispenser
A view of LovePC from the Left side looking down in the semi-dark.
A view of LovePC from the right side looking down in the semi-dark.


PC Specs
Processor Intel Pentium 4 - 2.4GHz non-overclocked
Motherboard Soyo Dragon Lite - Onboard sound and LAN
RAM 512 MB PC2700 Corsair DDR
Video Originally I had a GeForce4 Ti4400, but since then, I've replaced it with the Xabre AG400 video card I won from the C3.  The card runs nice and fast, and I no longer need a second PCI video card for my 5.6" LCD screen! The Xabre has a ton of outputs.


Questions and Answers

Please ask me questions! :)  Email me at [email protected] and I'll post your question and answer it here on the webpage.  Keep in mind, if you ask a stupid question, you'll probably get a stupid answer... maybe. hehe! :)  Thanks :)


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