OWANotify.exe - The Outlook Web Access tray icon.

OWANotify.exe - The Outlook Web Access tray icon

Outlook Web Access New Mail Notification

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5/15/2009 - Quick Update: First, thanks to everyone who supplied a test account. I'm resuming development beginning this weekend. Stay tuned!

12/8/2008 - HELP!! I need Exchange 2007 test accounts. Anyone care to help? It's difficult to develop on what little free time I have when the only 1 out of the 3 test accounts I have are working on a regular basis. I also develop with the Exch2k7 VHD, but a real-world account with real-world latencies is more practical. Send me an email if you can help [email protected]. Thank you in advance!

6/7/2008 - I've started working on an Exchange 2007 version of OWANotify. I'm starting from scratch. My programming skills have improved since I first wrote OWANotify back in 2005. Hopefully I'll be able to fit in all the features I've been dreaming of! I may consider selling this for $10 a license. Unfortunately, it looks as if the copy protection and/or activation code will be half of the entire project! Sheesh. Anyway, features first. I'll worry about copy protection and licensing later.

11/9/2006 - There was a sudden increase of visitors today... So for you new visitors -- Welcome :)
All this new activity has given me a second wind to actually sit down and make some long overdue updates to OWANotify: better proxy support, better OWA browser window detection, and also testing to make sure OWANotify works with IE7 (I haven't installed IE7 yet).

For those of you that would like to contribute to the effort: I need test Exchange accounts... I only have a few Exchange servers I can test OWANotify with and they're all Exchange 2003 accounts.

I'm also curious to know who uses my little freeware tool! I bet it would be an interesting addition to the website too. So if you could help out by just emailing me and telling me who you are, the name of your company, what your company does and how many people at your company use OWANotify, heck -- even a link to your company (and a logo), I'll gather up a list and post a page up here. I do believe a few folks up in Redmond are using OWANotify too!

-Thanks, Dean :)

Funds low? Don't feel like donating? No problem. None of the advertisements at the bottom of the page interest you?

Well, at least EMAIL ME to say thanks. :)

Version: 1.2006.05.13

Last Update: Thursday, May 13th, 2006

  • New Option! Specify the window size of both the OWA mailbox and message windows
    • If you have a high-resolution screen, having the OWA mailbox window open in all its fullscreen glory might be a bit excessive.  Now you can specify what size window you want OWANotify to use when viewing your OWA mailbox.  You can still leave it as 0 (default) to always have it open maximized.
  • Added "Create New..." option to the right-click menu - opens a window to compose a new message.
  • Added "Last Unread" option to the right-click menu - shows a popup of the last unread message.
  • Fixed a bug with the initial release of window size not sizing FBA login sessions. (oops!)

Head on over to the Download page to get the latest version.

Next Scheduled Update:

Note 5/13/2006: Major development on OWANotify will be winding down.  In its current form, I use it every day with 2 instances checking mail on inboxes residing on different Exchange servers.  I've finally found a solution to appointment and task reminders.  However, I won't be adding it in to the current version (now versioned with v1.yyyy.mm.dd)  The next major update (v2.yyyy.mm.dd) will be a total rewrite for .NET 2.0 -- I'll start this sometime during the summer. This has been a totally freeware effort since the first build in May 2005.  I may consider charging $10 for version 2.0 and leave the v1 as freeware.

    -Package OWANotify with an installer
    -Add "Check for Updates" option
    -Consider a new command line option -wc (Web Config).  This will allow OWANotify to download settings from an OWANotifyWebConfig service installed on an IIS server.  The config.xml file will no longer need to reside on the client's machine, but instead be stored safely and securely on a password-protected page controlled by a network administrator.  Upon specifying the -wc config, OWANotify will pop up a username/password request to the user and upon successful authentication, OWANotify will be passed all necessary config.xml settings for that user.  Suggestions and comments?





  • So OWA users don't need to have an OWA browser window always opened and logged in
  • Because if OWA browser windows are closed, notifications no longer come through
  • So OWA users can monitor their mailbox by simply glancing at a system tray icon
  • Quick and Easy access to Outlook Web Access account
  • Because I Google'd until my eyes watered and couldn't find something out there that did this


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