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Congratulations to zEr04, who won the finals against Matador in a 14 to 0 win!
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The Kickass-ingest Case
GameSpy goes around the BYOC area and awards tickets to our party for the coolest case.

So we're all sitting in the BYOC area of QuakeCon admiring a few cases here and there - one with a lucite cutout and neon inside, another with a Q3A logo airbrushed on its side. Then Fargo is hit with an idea - "I know," he says, "let's give some tickets away to people with the coolest case!"

Immediately we ran up to the central podium and asked the DJ to make an announcement that we were on the prowl. Pretty soon, Fargo and I had a small crowd of about 10 people gathered around us, so off we went to inspect their cases. Though it was tough, we narrowed the winners list down to one grand winner (a t-shirt AND tickets) and three place winners.

Third Place - Mission Impossible

He's ready to pack up and go at a moment's notice.

Third place goes to Shane "Tanj" Stenger who had his entire computer packed into a suitcase, kinda like something out of Mission Impossible. It has a flat screen in there, and he's currently using it as a Linux server. Damn!

Second Place - Technical Achievement

Dude, that's a freakin' radiator on that thing.
Our second place winner gets the award for technical achievement for his water-cooled computer. I'd be a bit nervous about having that much water next to my system, but our winner - Jeremiah "Riboflavin" Johnson - apparently is just fine with it. He even has a thermostat on the front (that was reading about 77 degrees when I checked). Nice!

First Place - Artistic Achievement

No computer should be without a dayglow skull.
First place goes to Troy "T-Bone" Ervin, who got all artsy and stuff with his case - inside this baby, he's got tubing to house the wires with flourescent rings on them. At the bottom is a little statue with a skull that glows in the dark, just like the cables. To make it all so cool, he's got a blacklight in there showing it all off.

Grand Prize - The Big Mutha*&%^ing Fan

The coolest computer. 'Nuff said.

Our grand prize winner is Dean "Envader" Liou, who basically attached a giant house fan to his computer. The neat thing about it is that the whole thing is built with PVC pipe and opens up in order to get inside. This is the coolest computer ever built, both figuratively and literally.

Congrats to all the winners, and thanks to everyone who wanted to show off their case. We could only pick so many winners, and it was tough to choose. Maybe next year!


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